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USED USB Apple Mighty Mouse 661-4405 A1152

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USED USB Apple Mighty Mouse 661-4405 A1152

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    Apple's Mighty Mouse comes to save the day. In a world where mice have become humdrum functional appliances, Apple's engineers and designers have developed a better, more refined mouse for better productivity and enhanced ease-of-use. When used with OSX Tiger, the Mighty Mouse roars. Unlike any other mouse on the market, Mighty Mouse was designed specifically to work with Mac OS X Tiger. Up-to-the minute information on Dashboard is only a click away. Viewing, hiding and selecting your windows via Expos is just as simple. And because Mac OS X Tiger makes Mighty Mouse programmable, you choose where every click takes you. Mighty Mouse offers 360-degree scrolling capability, thanks to its Scroll Ball, perfectly positioned to roll smoothly under just one finger. Explore the farthest reaches of your files pan images in iPhoto, view timelines in iMovie HD and Final Cut Pro, traverse bars in GarageBand and Logic Pro with one hand tied behind your back (or holding a cup of coffee or typing). Mighty Mouse gives you room to roam. Ellipical Shape System Requirements - Mac OS X (programmability requires Mac OS X v10.4.2 Tiger or later), or Windows 2000 or Windows XP (not all features may be available when used with Windows or earlier OSX versions)


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